Layout guidelines

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The result is as good and precise as your design. The pixel level guide work is still very important. Today, with plenty automatic tools, it may seem the waste of time. However the retroactive layout review allows to check also the design stage leading to clear and precise look.


Winning contest for the M21

The non-profit design project for local municipality wins the competition and gets the budget of 80K.

The Ministry of Education run a contest of the Learning Space Design by code name M21. Keshet school in Kochav Yair took the challenge. I volunteered and had a pleasure to lead the project. Fortunately our proposal was listed among winners and the school received a budget for its implementation. Continue reading “Winning contest for the M21”

Consistent is better than designed

Keeping the product design consistent across modules makes it better than nicely looking

We are constantly challenged with the growing amount of visual patterns. Trends are changing making room for new standards. Naturally this pushes visual designers to react: we want to reply, to say something about it. As a result, the buzz around the trend or replication only strengthens it.

Continue reading “Consistent is better than designed”