About Art & Design

Unlike art, design follows rules, standards and usually has a clear goal: to find a form that will convey the message in a best way.

Today, while visiting the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, I was inspired by several exchibitions. And I couldn’t help taking some quick shots during the observation. Besides the artwork I enjoyed the overall experience that was completed by the architecture, colors, sounds and video installations.

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Trainspotting 2: the visual wealth

Sick Boy and Renton in Nature

It is always a tough challenge to release a sequel. The original creation is unique, unforgettable. And it is especially difficult in the case of Trainspotting as it was an important milestone in pop culture. Its vibe affected not only the movie industry, but also visual arts.

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Natural Patterns

I love to observe. Each situation, the reality includes the unique composition, the visual balance that is being taken place. It is both the cause and the result or the solution at the same time. Since the nice or beautiful is so subjective, truly interesting is to see how the nature absorbs any form, color and objects added by humanity recreating all into natural patterns.